This 'Dumb' Beggar Only Takes $1 At A Time... And Taught Me A Lesson I'll Never Forget!
Everyone called him an idiot. But they didn't realize his master plan! This is a story that really shows us that no matter how much or how little we have, money can't buy intelligence... or class. Sometimes, it's better to not show exactly how smart you are... you'll see what I mean! The story goes:

''I had an encounter with a homeless man last year that I'll never forget.

That day, my boss surprised me by taking me to lunch. This was wildly unexpected because we weren't particularly close, but I was very appreciative of the gesture. It wasn't the lunch that stuck with me, but what happened immediately afterwards.

He told me to meet him at a pretty fancy restaurant downtown that I had never been to. It was at a busy area of downtown.

'Do you have any change, Sir,' a homeless man said to me as I approached the front door of the restaurant. I searched my pockets for coins, but I unfortunately had none, so I shook my head and walked past.

My boss was waiting for me inside. He must have seen me talking to the homeless man because he quickly said:

'That homeless guy is the dumbest man I've ever met! Every time I come here, he's standing outside. And every time I come here, I offer him the choice of having a $1 bill or a $5 bill. Every single time the stupid guy chooses a $1 bill... like he doesn't know a $5 bill is worth more money!'

He seemed pretty excited about showing me how stupid this homeless man was, which made me feel a bit awkward. So, we went outside, and he called the man over. He held out a single dollar bill and a five dollar bill and asked which he wanted. The homeless man cracked a small smile, chose the single dollar, said thank you, and walked away.

At this, my boss erupted in laughter.

'See? What a moron! Every time I come here I always think he's going to wise up and take the five bucks, and he never does! What a bafoon!'

My boss and I spoke a bit more and soon he left, and I stood in front of the restaurant, looking for the homeless man. I saw him sitting close by and walked over to him.

'Why did you take the dollar? You do know a $5 bill is worth more money, right?'

He looked at me and cracked the same small smile as before.

'Of course it is. But if I take the 5 dollars, he'll stop giving me money everyday!'''

Genius, pure genius! I love this story - never get too arrogant like this boss! Share this wise story with your friends today.
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